The PGA tour kicks off this week in Hawaii. I really feel for those guys being stuck in tropical bliss while we freeze in the lowest temperatures Greensboro has seen in 30 years.

No Really, my heart goes out to the players that have to endure this all week.

I will stay here wrapped up like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” while Geoff Ogilvy and company work on their golfers’ tan (Oh, how I look forward to the dividing line around the ankle that separates copper-tone legs from ivory white feet).

Golf seems so distant. I am sure I should be hitting the gym hard, in preparation for the approaching season. I am sure I should be working on my set up and club positions with a mirror. But I am not. My prep for golf season begins Feb 1.

Setting Your Golf Goals

A new year is upon us.  Now is the time for new year’s resolutions and goal setting for 2010.  Have you created any golf goals for next year? If not, now is great time to start. You may want to set  a goal to walk instead of ride or play more often. Many golfers strive to lower their handicap or set a new career low. These are all noble pursuits. Here are a few key tips for setting and reaching your goals.

1. Be specific– Make your goals clear and concise. A lot of folks develop goals that are vague. The clearer your goals are the easier they are to hit. Instead of having a goal to improve your putting why not have a goal to reduce the number of three-putts per round by sharpening your lag proximity.

2. Create a plan– We have a goal. We now need to develop a plan.  Your PGA professional can help you create this plan by recommending drills and practice tips designed to help you hit your goals. Think of this as a road map with a time-line. The teaching professional also acts as a GPS guide by helping you steer your way along the map. Just like when the mechanized British voice tells you to make a right in 2 miles, your instructor will help stay on course.

3. Visualize Success– More than half the battle is believing you will. Take time to see yourself hitting your goals. Imagine the feeling and joy of accomplishing your goals. I remember hearing a story about a college basketball coach that spent and entire practice having each player cut down the net like when winning a championship game. We should do this as well. Drain a 3 foot putt on the practice green and visualize it being a new career low.

I think these three things will help you accomplish your goals this year.  I would love to hear about what goals you have for this year.

Please share them in the comments below.