Stefano A

I recently finished a post looking at the Tiger situation from the perspective of building a brand or business in today’s marketing landscape. If you  are into business or would like to read it, here you go: A lesson in authenticity from Tiger Woods and John Daly.

A few days ago, Robert Bruce, a blogging acquaintance of mine, posted a great response to the drama on his site, Game Under Repair. I would encourage you to check it out. Robert’s site is one of my favorite golf related blogs to tune into.

To echo Robert a bit, I haven’t followed the ordeal in detail. What I have seen has been the unavoidable snippets, due to the story getting the lion’s share of coverage (on every channel). I would like to also second that I am saddened for his family. I am also sad for the parents around the world that have had to answer many questions from their children on why Tiger is on tv when it’s not golf season.

My hope is that he does repent and rebuild. He is one the most passionate and driven people on the planet. I hope he can get radically driven and passionate about saving his family and his marriage. I believe with a lot of humility, immense grace, and forgiveness, he can overcome this storm. Love is the undisputed champion of the world. It has never been defeated. I hope he and Elin will learn that and overcome.