Golf InstructionRecently posted the article “How to choose an instructor”,  giving the prospective golf student the criteria for selecting  a teaching pro.   Master Professional John Hughes’ advice is sound, highlighting compatibility, accreditation & experience, swing aides, video, follow up, and playing ability as the key factors to evaluate when choosing an instructor.

Golfers I know and meet, regularly ask me who they should take lessons from. Remember, the greatest teacher in the world is not the greatest for everyone. If  so then all of the men and women tour players would probably use the same person. What makes a coach the best for you is that they are the best for YOU.  My philosophy for choosing the right golf mentor is simple:


Your golf coach should be 100% committed to helping YOU achieve your goals. First, make sure they ask you what you want to accomplish with your lessons. Some golf pros have an agenda that is self serving or short term. Run from these. Your instructor should be about helping you get what you want out of your game.


It is important that your chosen one allows you to give feedback(communication is two-way) during the lesson. Pick someone that talks with you not at you. Make sure you and your coach speak the same language. It is important that each of you can get what the other is saying. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving a lesson and having no idea what the pro talked about.


Select a golf instructor that clicks with you. You like their style and their attitude. If you are low tech, maybe they are low tech.  You relate to their stories and analogies and they relate to yours. A coach that you connect with will pull the best out of you.

There is something special about a student-teacher relationship. It gives the student someone to perform for and the teacher someone to pour themselves into. Good luck finding your coach, I know the relationship will bare much fruit and help you reach your potential on the course.