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Breaking out of  a slump starts with focusing on the things we can control.

The good news is there are only 2 things! Our actions and attitudes.

Here are three simple Keys to retake control and break the slump:

1. Set up– make sure your set up is sound and consistent. Posture, ball position, grip, aim, and alignment are all ingredients to the set up. These are things we can control. See your local pro or use a mirror for details.

2. Pick a target– On each shot one thing you can do is pick a target to hit at. Can you imagine playing basketball with no goals or darts with no bullseye? For tips on targeting check out aim small. win big.

3. Swing without fear and accept the results- you are now free to let it go. After the ball has been struck, it is out of your hands. Accepting the results will allow your creative mind to think about the next shot instead of dwelling on the past. You can’t “un-hit” a shot, so why complain or get upset? By doing these things you will control your actions and attitudes and be on your way out of your slump.

If you can accomplish the keys above on each shot on a hole, give yourself a + for that hole. If you forget to pick a target or set up improperly or even whine about missing a shot give yourself a for that hole. At the end of the round your goal is to have 18 +‘s. Then you will have scored the lowest round possible that day. If you have some ‘s you have room for improvement.

Do this and you will take pressure off your number and you will see your scores fall. More importantly,  you will begin enjoying the game again.