Yesterday was a good day.

I had a business appointment in Chapel Hill NC booked for early evening on Wednesday so I decided to head down early and accept an invitation to play 9 holes at Chapel Hill CC with a friend of mine from Morehead City.  His name is Ryan and he plays for the UNC golf team. Ryan, several years my junior, was the kid who tagged along with us, “big kids,” at Morehead CC back in the day. Everywhere we went- he would follow. It didn’t matter if it was on the range, putting green, or hitting the links- he was always there. It did not matter how much he was picked on for being the grommet, Ryan wanted to be just like us. Come to the think of it, he was just like I was as I shadowed the high school golf team when I was 12-13 years old aspiring to be Boom-Boom(Fred Couples or DL3(Davis Love). Well Ryan did grow up, became one the top junior golfers in the state, and was recruited and signed as a Tarheel.

We teed off together on the first hole for the first time in over 10 years. Since then Ryan  has grown to 6′ 4″(at least a foot taller than last time we had played). Me? oh, I am still the same 5’8″ that I have been since 15. We had a blast catching up on the present, reminiscing the past, and talking about the future. He shot a smooth 3 under par. The old kid got him this time though, as I carded a round of 4 under par.

I know what you might be thinking. You had so much fun because you shot 4 under and hit 2 drives over 315 yards-true, but that is not why. Here are 3 things that I promise will lead to fun on the course every time no matter if you shoot 62 or 162.

  • Decide you are going to have fun and enjoy the experience. Everyday we are able to walk tee-to-green and enjoy God’s creation is a leg up on most of the world
  • Pick good company. In most cases you can choose at least one person to play with. Don’t play with people that make the round miserable. Have fun building friendships and memories with your playing partners. Laugh often. Talk about each others dreams and goals. Sometimes picking good company is playing a one-some.
  • Complement good shots and it will come back to you. Everyone loves receiving a “good shot”(chances are they are not being recognized at work or home). A great man once told me, “encouragement is oxygen to the soul.” Whatever you sow on the course you will reap. Ryan and I never missed an opportunity to verbally reward each others shots and isn’t it funny that we kept striving to hit them(you always have fun when you give it your best).

I have never had a bad day on or off the course keeping these things in mind. I believe you won’t either.

Please tell me about one of your great days on the course.